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SPC1401 Spaceflight 101

Spaceflight is dangerous and can be lethal. Just like any other activity that pushes the physical boundaries and human endurance, spaceflight has certain risks and hazards associated with it. Spaceflight crew and passengers must understand the threats so that they may make an informed decision on the merits of flying into space.

The BST Spaceflight 101 course is designed to provide candidates with the necessary knowledge for an informed decision on the risks of launch and reentry per 14 CFR Part 460.9 (crew) and 14 CFR Part 460.45 (participant), and the applicable FAA regulations for human spaceflight.

The course topics include:

  1. Basic terminology
  2. Basic operation and physics of rocket engines
  3. History of human spaceflight
  4. Human spaceflight law
  5. FAA regulations
  6. Physical dangers of spaceflight
  7. Past failures
  8. Basic RLV flight lesson


  1. Proof of age -18 years of age or older. (16 with guardian consent)
  2. Have an Airman's Logbook for the recording of the training (applicable for ALL candidates)

COURSE COMPLETION STANDARDS: At the completion of this course the candidate will demonstrate an understanding of the presented information by correctly answering 80% or more of the questions on both the written and verbal tests.

Course length is 4 hours; preregistration is required

For pricing and availability call
David Allen
(559) 281-3163