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85% of workplace success comes from people skills!

We spend years in school developing our intelligence to effectively use our mind. Developing our unique personality to effectively use our behavior is just as vital to successful living. Your Intelligence Quotient, or IQ, measures your intelligence. Your Personality Quotient, or PQ, refers to your ability to understand yourself and others for effective communication and teamwork.

How does this apply to you?

Aviation & Aerospace - Effective communication and team work during nominal operations results in less stress, higher customer satisfaction and a pleasant work environment. It also promotes safety. Flight and ground crews will use the same methods and tools during an emergency as they do during nominal operations. Crews that have learned effective communication and team work are better equipped for any situation then a team that acts as individuals. IN AN EMERGENCY YOU WILL FLY AS YOU TRAINED!

Business - Understanding yourself and others will increase sales, improve customer service, promote efficiency and make you a better leader. A large percentage of business is dealing with people. Whether they are personnel inside the company or customer / vendors, a business has to work with all types of people. A person is ill equipped to handle these types of interactions if they do not understand themselves and others. To paraphrase Sun Tsu: If you know people and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred engagements.

The BST PQ training series is designed to help individuals and teams to increase their Personality Quotient. Each person is wired a bit different but we are all based on a standard set of patterns. The BST courses are designed to teach you your pattern and how it affects your communication style, needs and personal interactions, how to recognize the patterns in others and then be able to adjust your style for a better working / personal relationship.

BST is offering the following courses:

Beginners - Overview of PQ
Duration - 1 hour
Content - Covers the basics of what is PQ, how it affects you and your interactions with others. Provides a very course view of your personality style.

Intermediate - Individual PQ assessment and understanding
Duration - 2 hours
Includes - Workbook and short form individual personality assessment, case studies and group activities.
Content - This course starts with each individual completing a personal assessment and then delves into the different personality patterns and how they drive their behavior. It is designed to provide insight into how you see and interact with the world (know yourself).

Advanced - Communications through personalities
Duration - 8 hours
Includes - Individual personality assessment (both short and long form), case studies, group activities, workbooks, worksheets, reference book and flip charts.
Content - The course has been developed to help individual increase their PQ by knowing their personality style, recognize the personality style of others and how to adjust for effective communication. During the course, students will learn in depth about the different personality styles, their style and how to communicate with the other styles by understanding what others expect and need.
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Advanced - Team building
Coming soon

Advanced - Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) and personalities
Coming soon

Advanced - Increasing sales through personalities
Coming soon

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