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Introduction to Spaceflight Series

For the earnest candidate this course series is an excellent introduction to the adventure of spaceflight. It provides a quick test of the candidate's capabilities to insure the candidate is capable of spaceflight, without expending large amounts of time.

The series includes:

  • Three BST training courses;
    • Scenario Based Physiological Altitude Training
    • Spaceflight 101
    • Flight Disorientation and G Force Management
  • Food and lodging (3 Nights, four days)
  • Uniform (Flight Suit and Polo Shirt)
  • Text books (Electronic format)

As an added bonus, candidates will receive instruction and flight time in the OCP RLV simulator as an add-on to the Spaceflight 101 course.


  1. Proof of age -18 years of age or older. (16 with guardian consent)
  2. At least Third Class Airman Medical Certificate or equivalent (Flight Participant)
  3. Second Class Airman Medical Certificate or higher (Flight Crew)
  4. List of all medications currently used
  5. Candidate size and weight in accordance with weight and balance limitation, airplane restraints, movement of controls.
  6. Must not have a cold, significant health problem or any other disqualifying condition.*

*NOTE: Despite being healthy and free of upper respiratory symptoms a small percentage of participants will be unable to equalize their ears (Eustachian tube dysfunction). In such cases the flight physician will make an assessment and determine fitness to fly status.

To receive course credit all candidates must present an airman's logbook for the recording of training.

Check in is at the Courtyard by Marriott-Stuart, 7615 SW Lost River Road, Stuart, FL 34997. Candidates are responsible for transportation to and from their home base.

Special hotel rates for the night before and the night after the series are available.

Pre-registration is required.

For pricing and availability call
David Allen
(559) 281-3163