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Spaceflight Participant Training

Past spaceflight participants, such as Anousheh Ansari, have said that the training they received before going into space was invaluable in the ability to enjoy the flight. They were confident and excited about the flight because of the skills and knowledge developed during training.

The FAA also realizes the value of training and requires that each space flight participant, before flight, be trained in “how to respond to emergency situations, including smoke, fire, loss of cabin pressure, and emergency exit.”

Each spaceflight participant will undergo training to prepare them for the flight. The lessons will be tailored for the vendor they will fly with and the spacecraft they will ride. These lessons include emergency situations, G tolerance, high altitude and pressure suit training. Mock ups of the spacecraft they will ride will be used in emergency simulation drills as well as orientation rides in the BST rocket trainer.

Spaceflight participants are also required to be informed in writing of the “risks of the launch

and reentry, including the safety record of the launch or reentry vehicle type. An operator must present this information in a manner that can be readily understood by a space flight participant with no specialized education or training”.

BST will cover each item required by the FAA to insure that the spaceflight participant is well informed of and fully understands the risks associated with spaceflight.

A graduate of the spaceflight participant course will have the skills and knowledge to be ready and excited about the spaceflight, not scared and apprehensive.

All courses are preliminary pending FAA/AST approval.